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About Us

Our foundation focus on elevating South Asian art and culture in Canada by supporting emerging artists and engaging the community. We center on profiling, cataloging, and archiving artists who identify as South Asian and we provide mentorship and financial support to them by hosting art exhibitions, auctions, etc.

All the way from 2002 until our launch in 2020, we have accomplished to gather a collection of South Asian Art of approximately 700 works. 

We believe in the cultural impact art can have as a source of inspiration and we want to empower South Asian artists to be that for the community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

SAGA Foundation is dedicated to promoting South Asian art and culture in Canada and globally. The foundation is focused on promoting art and culture through four main pillars:
1) Artist Profiling
2) Mentorship and Scholarships
3) Exhibitions
4) Promotion


Our Vision

As Canadians embrace diversity with open hearts, they must also deepen their understanding and appreciation of the visual arts of diverse cultures forming its mosaic. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary must aspire to become New York, Paris, London and Berlin when it comes to being recognized as global art centres of the World.

If SAGA Foundation can plant that seed and nurture it, it has done its job.

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