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Meet the Artists


Amin is a multidisciplinary visual artist who has been working since the1980’s. Originally from Pakistan, he’s studied at the National College of Arts (Lahore, Pakistan), the University of Punjab (Lahore), the University of Manchester (UK), and the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada).

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Youngo is painter and sculptor par excellence, born 1938 in Kherikalan, Haryana in India. Graduated from Delhi College of Fine Art in Sculptural Art in 1964. He has had the good fortune of learning from and working with the great Indian masters BC Sanyal and KS Kulkarni.

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Sadequian was one of the country’s most prolific artists, and his career has served as inspiration for several artists. Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi, also known as Sadequain Naqqash or just Sadequain, is considered a master muralist and the father of Islamic calligraphy in Pakistan.

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Jimmy Engineer was born in 1954 in Balochistan (Loralai), Pakistan. His Parsi family could not have known then that he would grow up to break all barriers of caste and creed and truly define multi-ethnicity through his art and altruism. He spent the next three years at the National College of Arts (NCA), expanding his creative prowess.

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